The Parish Council

The Parish Council of the Church is an entity that represents the parish. Up to eleven members serve on the Board, four of which are officers. The Board is headed by the President, who is elected from within the members of the Board. The other officers are the Vice-President, who replaces the President when not present; the Treasurer, who is responsible for all financial matters; and the Secretary, who is in charge of all administrative matters and communications.

The main responsibilities of the Parish Council are to manage all the financial affairs of the Church and conduct maintenance and renovations on all Church properties. The Board is also responsible for coordinating Church functions and overseeing all Church organizations including the Ladies Auxiliary, Youth Organization, and OFEP.

The Parish Council conducts monthly meetings to discuss Chruch business. These meetings are open to all parishioners to attend and present their ideas after prior arrangements have been made through any Board member. The Board also convenes special meetings to discuss specific or urgent issues as needed.