Church Vision & Mission

Vision Statement: Our Vision at Sts. Peter & Paul Syriac
Orthodox Church is to encourage all parishioners to have a loving
and daily relationship with God, His Son Jesus Christ and be
inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Mission Statement: Our Mission is to introduce and strengthen
our parishioners’ relationship with God through religious studies
of the Bible and to interpret the Bible teachings into practical
enrichment application for our daily life, fellowship, support and
service to the church and the community.

Core Values: Having a loving, welcoming and inclusive Orthodox
Christian community that worships faithfully and practices the
teachings of Christ and His Church, with humility, teamwork,
volunteerism and service to the church.

Strategy: Create the church as a welcoming and loving
environment that is prepared, organized and equipped to present
the teachings of the Bible to all ages. Establish actionable events
that reinforces the teachings of examples of followers of Christ.