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Halloween a Christian Feast

It’s not about “Booh” I tricked you! Rather; “Amen Lord” what a treat?! For centuries this Christian feast had been celebrated in the Middle East by all Orthodox, Catholic and other denomination Christians, under the name of: “The Feast of St. Barbara.” A girl that was born in the third century of a rich pagan… Continue reading Halloween a Christian Feast

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The Graceful God from the sinful genealogy…

Studying the genealogy of Jesus Christ is as an archaeologist troweling around a tomb, lifting up stones he finds warms, brushing away the dirt he finds few descent artifacts, indicating that something great could be found there! He keeps on excavating the site until he unveil the immaculate treasure! This Graceful treasure: the free and… Continue reading The Graceful God from the sinful genealogy…

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Are you receiving the waves?!

The Oscars Academy Awards, Super Ball Event, FIFA World Cup Opening, Olympics Opening, Presidential Elections… The red carpet, the glamor, the cheering, the half time show, the decorations, the commercials, the parties, the media, the satellites, the television and radio stations signals are surging all around the globe. The food, the drinks, your guests are… Continue reading Are you receiving the waves?!