Thank You for your donations

Dear Follow Parishioners,

We are writing to sincerely thank you for the generous donations toward the collection of funds to help our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria.  They are our family, friends, and fellow parishioners, who have supported our Church over the centuries, but are now being persecuted and displaced because of their faith.  This is a very worthy cause since the humanitarian sufferings have reached an epidemic.

The brunch event was very successful.  In addition, many parishioners donated generously.  We will continue this fund raiser with a target to send a substantial amount before the upcoming winter and the season of the birth of the Lord Jesus.  We will have other activities toward this cause soon.  In the meantime, your donations are still welcome.  You can always drop your donations anonymously in the special donations box near the Church main door, or contact Fr . Hanna or any member of the Parish Council.

Again, thank you for your generosity and Christian spirit.  God bless.

The Parish Council